Dale Tallon reinstated as GM of the Florida Panthers; Tom Rowe relieved of his coaching duties

Yesterday in our nation’s capitol, James Reimer recorded the second of back to back shutouts to end the year for the Panthers. Sadly, Reimer’s heroics came too late as the team had been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs over a week ago. A lot of changes were done to a once 103 point team but managment quickly realized their mistakes. 12 hours after the Panthers shut out the President’s Trophy winners, the Panthers reinstated President of Hockey Operations Dale Tallon as General Manager of the Florida Panthers. Tallon, who was hired by the Panthers on May 16th, 2010 was the ninth GM in the team’s history. Tallon who had built most of the core of the Chicago Blackhawks who have won 3 Stanley Cups in the past 7 years. Tallon was the only consistent thing other than Steve Goldstein’s enthuistastic play by play commentary for the Panthers during the early 2010s. By 2015-16, only one player Dmitry Kulikov remained from the pre-Tallon era. After a first round playoff loss, the Panthers tried something new and it didn’t work. However, Panther fans must remember that while Tallon is back as GM, it doesn’t mean we are automatically a playoff team.