Florida Panthers Coaching Search 2017, Part 3

All good things must come to an end and sadly this is the last part of our coaching search. We have seven more names to go. Part 1 and Part 2 are a little farther down the front page but enough chit-chat and let’s get rollin!

Dallas Eakins

eakins-dallas-940-8col.jpg (620×349)

Experience as an NHL Head Coach: Yes

Current Position: Head Coach of the San Diego Gulls (AHL)

Coaching Career: Toronto Marlies (2009-13); Edmonton Oilers (2013-14); San Diego Gulls (2015-)

NHL All Time Coaching Stats: 113 Games; 36-63-14

Eakins was one of the first Florida born natives to play in the NHL and was the first Floridian to play for the Panthers. Eakins played 23 games in his hometown in the 1997-98 season putting up 1 assist and 44 PIM. A gritty player, he could bring a grit sense back needed to this lineup. While his tenure in Edmonton was a trainwreck perhaps a second chance wouldn’t hurt. Also, after this year I don’t think ticket sales will do that well so bringing in a Florida native to lead this squad could attract some fanfare.

Craig Berube

craig-berube-usa.jpg (645×325)

Experience as an NHL Head Coach: Yes

Current Position: Head Coach of the Chicago Wolves

Coaching Career: Philadelphia Flyers (2013-15)

Record: 161 Games; 75-58-28; 3-4 Playoffs

Craig Berube did a decent job with the Flyers. He has done well with the Chicago Wolves. Another tough guy like Dallas Eakins, he can also restore grit and play skill. He coached the Flyers whom had a lot of physichal play which opened up opportunites for their stars. He could help restore this much needed system of play.

Mike Johnston 

Mike-Johnston-e1412052034225.jpg (1000×667)

Experience: Yes

Current Position: GM of the Portland Winterhawks

Coaching Career: Pittsburgh Penguins (2014-15)

Record: 110 Games; 58-37-15  (1-4 Playoffs)

Last year, Johnston was fired by the Penguins who were doing decent. However Crosby never played well under him. He didn’t do a good job but a second chance could help.

Dave Cameron

new-head-coach-dave-cameron-gives-instructions-to-the-team-a.jpg (1000×750)

Experience: Yes

Current Position: Assistant Coach of the Calgary Flames

Coaching Career: Ottawa Senators (2014-16)

Record: 137 Games; 70-50-17 (2-4 Playoffs)

Dave Cameron came into Ottawa and led them out of nowhere into the playoffs. Him and his trusty backup goalie Andrew “Hamburglar” Hammond were the main reasons Ottawa passed the Bruins and Panthers who had been in a dogfight for the final spot all year long. In 2015-16, Ottawa was alright but they were up against tough opponents. Ottawa management panicked and sent him packing. In my opinion, Cameron is a good coach. He got a lot of offense from Karlsson and could help push Ekblad into that elite potential defender.

Wayne Gretzky

Wayne_Gretzky_2006-02-18_Turin_001.jpg (2120×2668)

Experience: Yes

Current Position: None

Coaching Career: Phoenix Coyotes (2005-09)

Coaching Record: 328 Games; 143-161-24

Gretzky was the greatest hockey player of all time. He holds 61 records in the NHL. He wasn’t the greatest coach with the Coyotes but he did win the All Star Game Championship with the Metropolitan Division. Gretzky could help boost ticket sales and maybe spark some scoring. If the Cats keep Jagr imagine the headlines with the top 2 scorers of all time in the same organization.

Dave Barr

Experience: No

Current Position: Associate Coach of the Florida Panthers

This would just be a promotion.

Clark Donatelli

ClarkDonatelli1112_535x310.jpg (535×310)

Experience: No

Current Position: Head Coach of the Wilkes Barre-Scranton Penguins

Record: 118 Games; 69-41-8

Donatelli has done well with WBS. The Panthers should give him a chance


2 thoughts on “Florida Panthers Coaching Search 2017, Part 3

  1. Mike Johnston. Ugh. He’s more suited for the teams at the Ice Den than the big club at the BB&T Center. If you want to see the Panthers back in the playoffs in your very young lifetime, AVOID Mike Johnston. Anyone that can only squeeze 19 points out of Sidney Crosby in 27 games like the start of last season should be relegated to bubble hockey. He’s kind of like Rowe, but without the charisma!…Not sure Gretzky needs aggravation or is enough of a tactician to develop the younger Panthers players. The respect would be there, but not sure if the could dumb it down enough. Flyers were better under Berube than they are now. Interesting name I hadn’t heard in a while. Good research there and he had a winning record. If Panthers are serious about winning soon, no project coaches!


    1. Looking back, I see I divided this list up wisely like this: Big Winners in Part 1; Good Coahes in Part 2 and the Not your favorite coaches in part 3. Personally I’d not take anyone from this list for my final 10 coaches.


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