Week 8 Prediction Contest Update

We will be entering week 8 of The Puck Under the Sun’s weekly prediction contest.


3-0. The Panthers had their first ever sweep of the California teams on the road as they have won 4 in a row. The Sharks and Panthers had a classic battle to the end to add to my list of top 10 games I have watched along with two others since the break. The Cats defeated the Ducks and Kings. I watched the first 11 minutes of the Sharks game, went to bed, woke up early the next day and finished the game in the morning. I was able to make it through the Ducks game but the back to backs caused me to make it to the 4 minutes remaining mark of the 2nd against LA but I saw the last 10 minutes of the 3rd this morning.


Place                 Name                                                  W-L              GB           W7REC

1                         Puck Under the Sun                       12-7               –              2-1

2                         KG Panthers                                     11-8                1              2-1

3                        Cruising Ray                                       9-10              3              1-2