Thoughts on the Bolland-Crouse trade

Here is my trade evaluation:

Trade: Florida sends C Dave Bolland, LW Lawson Crouse to Arizona for 2017 2nd and 3rd round picks.

Alright let’s get started with my personal opinion. I am going to split it up into sections here.


Dave Bolland was the worst signing ever by Dave Tallon (well as the Panthers GM). Bolland had a 5 year $5.5M deal. Bolland never lived up to his contract appearing in 78 games in the first two years while netting 7 goals and 21 assists. 28 points in 78 games is nowhere near the value of his contract. In my opinion at least 55 points in 78 games would’ve said he did ok with the contract. Bolland is known for scoring the Chicago Blackhawks 2013 Stanley Cup winning goal and also for him getting under the skins of his opponents which gave him the name “The Rat”. He also created the term Sedin Sisters which mocked Vancouver Canuck forwards Henrik and Daniel Sedin for their non cheap play. He has never impressed in Florida. I am so happy that we got rid of him. It gives us more cap space to sign guys like Huberdeau and maybe a big star. I believe he held us back from getting another big player this offseason.


Ok this is the part of the trade I am having a real debate on. Lawson Crouse was ranked as the Panthers 3rd best prospect coming into this season. Now after seeing him perform at two development camps I don’t think he would’ve done much. I didn’t see much of each development camp but from my observations and from what I was hearing I don’t think he would’ve done well. It opens up room for guys who I think will do well like Dryden Hunt, Jayce Hawryluk and in the future Henrik Borgstrom.


I felt we maybe could’ve gotten more for Crouse but just glad they were giving us some more value than just a 6th rounder which I would’ve given up for Bolland. I think the return is meh-bad but not nothing.

Trade Grade: A