Ultimate Florida Panthers Fan Quiz 2016-17, Round 1

Welcome to a Puck Under the Sun contest. This is a Florida Panthers fan quiz. It is a 3 round challenge for Panthers fans. For each round there is a different quiz. There are 25 questions on each quiz. Each question is worth a different amount of points (Maximum 7 points, Minimum 2 points). I will post the amount of points you can earn on each question below the questions. The 7 point questions are hard and 2 point ones are easy. There is no rule against using the web to research the questions as I cannot monitor you while you write down the answers but I’d prefer if you don’t research the answers. To fill out each answer you must fill out the form. You must give me your email address and the answers (which is in the text field) but you don’t have to give your actual name (you can come up with a username but it must not say Person or People in the username) You have until August 30, 2016 at 6:25pm ET to take the quiz. The top few people advance to round 2 (the amount of people advancing depends on the amount of people who enter). I’m sure you are bored to death already with these rules so let’s get started.

  1. Who is currently the longest tenured Panther on the current roster?
  2. Who was the first Panther to get to 25 goals in 2015-16?
  3. Who led the Panthers in goals in 2015-16 and how many did they have?
  4. Who led the Panthers in assists in 2015-16 and how many did they have?
  5. Who led the Panthers in points in 2015-16 and how many did they have?
  6. How long was the Panthers longest winning streak in 2015-16?
  7. How many points did the Panthers have in 2015-16?
  8. How many wins did the Panthers have in 2015-16?
  9. Who did the Panthers lose to in round 1 of the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs?
  10. Where do the Panthers play? (What stadium)
  11. How old is Aaron Ekblad?
  12. Which rookie on defense came up from the AHL and played in 5 postseason games last year and was paired up with Aaron Ekblad?
  13. Who scored the game tying goal and game winning goal in Game 6 for the team in Question 8 in Game 6 of the Playoffs last year?
  14. Which player on the Panthers won the Bill Masterton award last year?
  15. Who are the owners of the Florida Panthers?
  16. Who replaced Dale Tallon as the Panthers GM in May?
  17. Who tripped Trocheck in Game 6 which led to the Player in Question 12 tying the game and forcing it into overtime?
  18. Who is the Panthers coach?
  19. Who led the team in Points per Game last year?
  20. What inspired the Panthers new logo?
  21. Where are the two neutral location preseason games located in 2016-17?
  22. True or False You don’t get a badge on the shoulder logo saying Florida or Panthers until you make the opening night roster?
  23. Who is often called the Panthers enforcer?
  24. Who led the Panthers in PIM and how many did they have in 2015-16?
  25. Which Panthers broadcaster sits between the benches and my Twitter avatar is of him eating ice cream?



7 Points- Q 1, Q 2, Q 12, Q 14

6 Points- Q 13

5 Points- Q 11, Q 19, Q 21

4 Points- Q 4, Q 6, Q 7, Q 8, Q 17, Q 20

3 Points- Q 3, Q 5, Q 15, Q 16, Q 22

2 Points- Q 9, Q 10, Q 18, Q 23, Q 24, Q 25