Panthers Bits: Injury Trouble, Can the Cats be the best team in the NHL?

After a breakout year and an offseason which saw them improve their blueline the Florida Panthers I’m sure are just dying to get out on to the ice as are their fans to watch them. Now here is a question: Can the Panthers become the best team in the NHL? I don’t think they will be the best team in 2016-17 but will be up there (as long as injuries aren’t a pain). The Panthers success will depend on injuries. I believe the 12 game win streak saved the season as did a few 5 game win streaks but there was injury trouble starting at the end of the win streak. Matt Hendricks nailed Aaron Ekblad with a cheap play which he got suspended 3 games for and got the tar beaten out of him by Erik Gudbranson in his first game back. Ekblad was out for 5 games. Then there was a 5 game win streak. After the 5 game streak ended Justin Abdelkader nailed Aleksander Barkov with a cheap shot which was not suspended by the NHL (This will be examined in further detail in my next article about the NHL and its troubles with concussions). Barkov missed 6 games and the Panthers went 3-2-1 and the 2 losses were horrible. Pirri and Howden got injured against Nashville on two cheap plays which WERE NOT SUSPENDED BY THE STUPID BIASED NHL DEPARTMENT OF PLAYER SAFETY! Gallant was ejected for apparently abusing the NHL officials. That was complete garbage. The refs deserved what Gallant had on his mind. Then when Barkov came back Huberdeau, McKenzie and Gudbranson went out. When all three came back, Trocheck, Gudbranson and Kampfer went out. When Trocheck came back Bjugstad went out. So as long as we can remain healthy we can be the best team in the NHL. If Ekblad or Barkov were to suddenly have a season ending injury that would severely jeopardize the Panthers chances of playing past Early April. I think the Panthers could’ve got 110 points if we had not lost so many players with injuries. So my answer is: If we can remain healthy we are the best team in the NHL.