A letter to pro NHL relocation activists

Dear those who want Sunbelt NHL Teams to Relocate,

I have something to tell you. This is a long letter. Let me start by introducing myself. I am 12 years old. I love the Panthers with a passion. I have been a fan since I was 5. I have seen the garbage you have said about my team and wanting them in Quebec. Now I want to tell you something. Please be patient. You will eventually get a team. You are scaring off people who want to become fans of the Coyotes and Hurricanes. They don’t want to commit to a team who is rumored to be relocated. That is why the Panthers attendance was garbage in 2014-15. After December 8, 2015 the day the Panthers got a new lease, the attendance skyrocketed. The owners of the Coyotes and Hurricanes want to stay in their respective markets. Once the Cats got a new lease you backed off. These teams in Carolina and Arizona want to grow a fanbase and you aren’t letting them. Now let’s talk Vegas. Vegas has around 15,000 STH. Why? Because Vegas has never had a professional sports team there before and they are curious about a new team. Once they see how good hockey is the attendance will be one of the best in the league. I partly blame the South Florida Media for the Panthers not being popular. 560 WQAM the Broward/Dade radio home of the Panthers is taking a step in the right direction by having one day a week which will mainly be Panthers talk. I’m sure your cities will get a team soon but not a relocated franchise. Bettman wants hockey to dominate both America and Canada. Right now its only in Canada. By adding more franchises in America especially in sunbelt cities will grow the sport. I think the NHL will add several more teams in cities such as Quebec, Sakastoon, Houston, Kansas City, Seattle, Atlanta, Cleveland and possibly cities east of Quebec in Canada. Just be patient. Vegas is only the beginning.