Puck Under the Sun Season Prediction Contest Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Puck Under the Sun’s 2016-17 Season Prediction Contest

The Puck Under the Sun’s Season Prediction Contest is Underway. The link to that article is above. Here is the privacy policy and terms of service:

You must post your email, name (you can come up with a fake name I suggest you use your Twitter handle if you are on Twitter) and your comment which has your prediction.

The comment form can be used to ask questions and your season prediction.

Only one prediction per name/email.

We will not post your email on social media.

We must be allowed to use your name or username because the standings with everyone entered will be posted in an article at the end of each month and the final standings. We also need permission to use your name or username when we post he Top few people if you are up there at the end of each month and season on Twitter.

If you win the whole thing I will send you an email and you must give me your address so I can send you your prize through an email.

I will not reveal your address.

When you enter in the contest you must agree to these rules.

I am taking an oath here:

I Superk116 promise that I will follow all of these rules that I just created in this article and that if I fail to follow these rules then I will be held liable to this and I will be at the mercy of you legally.