Panthers July 2nd Free Agency Recap

Here are the two players we picked up on July 2nd:

Jason Demers (Defense, 5 years $4.5M)- He played for Dallas and was the defenseman Panther fans wanted to see most in a Panther Uniform. Demers had 23 points in 62 games this year. The crazy thing is that the Panthers offered him lower than other teams but HE WANTED TO COME HERE. The Panthers are attracting big names now. We have a new blueline led by Ekblad and Yandle and now Demers joins that. Just incredible what Tom Rowe has done.

Vincent Trocheck (Center, 6 years $4.75 M, Extension)- After a great first full season in the NHL, Trocheck played really well. He had 53 points in 76 games. He played 76 games in a row before he suffered a foot injury and missed 6 regular season games as well as 4 postseason games. I’m just interested to see how he will do after that foot injury.