In defense of the Yandle signing

Yesterday, the Panthers signed Defenseman Keith Yandle to a big $6.35M 7 year deal. You would think every Panther fan would be happy. They have one heck of an offensive defender now who might play with one of the most promising young defenseman in the league in Aaron Ekblad right? Wrong. Some people are saying it was too much money. I’m going to defend the signing.

First of all, people are saying Yandle is making too much. In my opinion I think Yandle should get more than $6.35M a year. I was expecting him to get $7M+. I think this is a fair signing because Yandle has gotten to the 50 point mark a couple of times and that is rare for a defenseman. Yandle is a high quality defender. We needed to pay him big bucks if we didn’t want him to test free agency. He is worth the kind of money he makes. I see Yandle and Ekblad as a quality pair. Sure his plus minus isn’t that good but plus minus is supposed to measure the impact you have on the ice if a goal is scored. Sometimes you can have no impact whatsoever. I think that Yandle will help this team win a Stanley Cup and the money is fair.

Next, he has great leadership. I think he will be a good leader on Defense for the younger defenders such as Ekblad, Matheson and Petrovic and possibly McCoshen.

Third, we have no scoring with the exception of Ekblad on defense. We need a defenseman who can score. Yandle is one of them. I think if Yandle and Ekblad pair up, Ekblad will set a franchise record for most goals by a defenseman in one season.

Fourth, Yandle will lead the Powerplay. Our Powerplay sucks. Not with Yandle running it. He is one of the top point producers for defenseman in the last few years on the Powerplay. That helps a lot.

Now the only things I do not like are the contract length and the no movement clause. I think he should’ve got 4-6 years and not a no movement clause in case he is a bust.

Now to counter argue my counterpoint. Locking up Yandle for 7 years ensures you have a quality defender for many years. Also, if he turns out to be the best of his career we need the no movement clause.

In Conclusion, I think the money was fair and Yandle will be a valuable leader, great partner for Ekblad and a threat on the Powerplay. Even though I don’t agree with the contract length or the no movement clause it is important we lock up and keep a quality player for many years.

What do you guys think? Agree or Disagree? Please comment your thoughts in the comment section below.