Looking for feedback

The Puck Under the Sun has only been up for two and a half months but has had around 765 views. In order to make our visitors experiences better, we would appreciate some feedback on The Puck Under the Sun. If there is an issue you would like to address, some tips for my website or just keep doing what I am doing, please comment in the comment section or send me a Direct Message on Twitter. However in order to send me a Direct Message you must have to follow me. My twitter user is @sun_puck.

Another issue I would like to address is the amount of spam comments I get. About three quarters of comments submitted on my site are put into spam. Also I’ve read these comments and most try to gush me up by saying how enjoyable their experience is on The Puck Under the Sun. That’s Great! Just don’t submit spam. Also if you do comment in any of my other articles please talk about the article and not just say how great my writing is. Also if you are some of the people who know me personally, please don’t use my first name in comments please call me Superk116.