Player Rewinds: Alex Petrovic

Pos: Defenseman

STATS: 66 GP, 2 G, 15 A, 17 PTS

Petrovic finally played in his first full NHL season! I thought he had a great year. He had a ton of assists and really got going in the second half. However, my biggest problem with him is his fights. He fought a ton this year most notably getting his butt kicked three times in one game by Evander Kane and lost every single fight. I’m happy he was the one fighting but he needs lessons. I’m really disappointed that Shawn Thornton let him run around and get his butt kicked.I’ll have that discussion when it’s Thornton’s rewind. If Petro is going to be the enforcer he needs to take boxing lessons. Other then that, he is too valubule to sit in the Penalty Box. He was a great Defensive Defender. I felt he had a great year.