Player Rewinds: Aaron Ekblad

Pos: Defenseman

STATS: 78 GP, 15 G, 21 A, 36 PTS

Aaron Ekblad the 2014 1st overall pick entered his sophomore year and had a great one. He was a little weak on the defensive side but his offensive game was great. Ekblad scored a ton of goals. Ekblad is a key player to this franchise. He is the Offensive leader on Defense. Ekblad has a powerful slap shot. He got boarded by Matt Hendricks but came back 4 games later. Ekblad is a stud and he is a cornerstone for years to come. Without Ekblad we went 0-4-0 and there was a point where we won 17 games in a row with him in the lineup. Ekblad kind of trailed off after his concussion and didn’t do well with Kulikov but he has a future partner in Matheson.