My thoughts on any team relocating and expansion

On December 8th 2015, the Florida Panthers signed a new lease which should keep them in Sunrise for the next decade. The relocation rumors that had been surrounding the Cats moved to the Carolina Hurricanes. I don’t think any team should relocate but I do believe Quebec City deserves a franchise. I don’t like the Vegas expansion idea because of the market. I don’t think Vegas will embrace hockey and the Sin City could cause a lot of problems for the players. Quebec will embrace hockey and not cause any problems. However as a fan of a team whose team was once rumored to be relocated I don’t want any team to relocate. If I become the NHL Commissioner the Florida Panthers, Carolina Hurricanes and Arizona Coyotes are safe. Bettman, no matter how hard he tries to stop the rumors, nothing doing. If the NHL does expand here are the top 5 cities I would like to have a franchise:

  1. Quebec City, Quebec, Canada- The Quebec fans are really loyal. Quebec deserves a franchise and if I am commissioner I guarantee no matter any problems I will do my best to expand to Quebec. Plus it gives Montreal another great rival.
  2. Hartford, Connecticut- I’ve been to Hartford and they still sell Whaler merchandise. I think Hartford would be a great idea. Hartford would give Boston a great rival too.
  3. Sakastoon, Saskatechewan- I think this province deserves a hockey team and Sakastoon is the biggest city there.
  4. Houston, Texas- Houston is a huge market and it gives a great rival for Dallas.
  5. Hamilton, Ontario- Hamilton deserves an NHL franchise. It would be a great destination.

What do you think?