The Panthers must earn respect

The Panthers are the most disrespected team in the NHL. They get non calls that should obviously be penalties: Abdelkader’s high hit on Barkov, Hendricks boarding Ekblad (which was later suspended), A Nashville Predator player with a high hit on Quinton Howden and the infamous Trocheck was Tripped which led to the Panthers being eliminated in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Whenever the Panthers have attendance problems Move to Quebec. Shut up about Quebec! We have signed a lease agreement to keep us in South Florida. Now we need to earn respect. How do you do it? Win a cup. But that’s hard with BIASED REFEREES! But we must overcome these difficulties in order to get respect. Or just go to the Confrence finals. We have earned a little of respect this year from fans of hockey not from the stupid referees. Seriously NHL! Hire refs who are fair. Even the refs don’t respect Jaromir Jagr. In Basketball stars like Steph Curry, LeBron James and other stars get respect. But no respect for the ageless legend. He got four teeth knocked out on an obvious high stick but no call. If you aren’t going to be fair Referees, then don’t become a ref at all.