Why do the Panthers barely get any media coverage?

On the morning drives to school my dad and I listen to sports radio. All I normally hear about is the stupid Dolphins or the Heat. If we are lucky we listen to Panthers talk. Why do they barely get any media coverage? Simple. The radio guys try to bring them up but people call in and talk about how the stupid Dolphins suck or about the Heat. No one ever calls in about the Panthers when they try to bring it up. The most Panthers media coverage I have ever heard on the radio was about ‘Ratgate’. Panthers fans please call in on the radio. I would love to but I am in school until 4pm. Also The Palm Beach Poat sickens me.They rely on George Richards from the Miami Herald or the Associated Press’s articles. Hello Palm Beach Post you have a lot of Panthers season ticket holders in Boca Raton why not send out a reporter to report on them. That’s one of the reasons why my family unsubscribed to it. So Panthers fans please call in to the radio shows and pressure The Palm Beach Post to get a Panthers beat writer. Also, hockey isn’t very popular down here. Go deep in the playoffs and you will have hockey more popular.