My rant aganist the NHL Department of Player Safety and Andrew Shaw Suspension

I am so done with the NHL’s garbage suspension rules. Andrew Shaw of the Chicago Blackhawks was suspended 1 game, fined $5K and sent to Sensitivity Training for hurling a gay slur at the referees after taking a penalty. Here is what  I would have done: No suspension, Fine of maybe $3K maximum and not send him to Sensitivity Training. Seriously NHL ! You suspend a guy for insulting a referee and you don’t suspend a guy for checking players to the head! What? you ask let’s see some examples.

February 8th- Aleksander Barkov of the Panthers was moving the puck in his own zone when Justin Abdelkader moved in. Abdelkader put a forceful HIGH HIT on Barkov sending him to the dressing room and out for 2 weeks. What you ask? You say it was a legal hit because Barkov’s head was down. I hate to say this word but that’s bulls***. Any hit to the head should be suspended you damn clowns! Plus Abdelkader left his feet you a**clowns. Then last week, he punched a guy on the ice. Why didn’t you suspend him? Because he plays for Detroit one of the most respected teams in the NHL. Meanwhile the Florida Panthers are the least respected team in the NHL. All teams should be equal not respected because they are an original six team. This is just malarkey.

February 13th- Some guy on the Nashville Predators puts a high hit on Quinton Howden. It might have just destroyed Howden’s career. Howden has been a frequent healthy scratch. No suspension.

So my ruling is the NHL Department of Player Safety should be replaced forever for suspending a guy for saying a gay slur and not suspending players for cheap shots. Unbelievable the safety part of the NHL is so full of s***.