Critical Game 4 on the Horizion

A critical game 4 is tomorrow at 8pm at the Barclays Center against the New York Islanders (USA, FSF). If the Panthers don’t win it could be all over. This game is very key. The Cats received some bad news today that Vincent Trocheck will not comeback for Game 4. Here are my keys to the game for each line:

Forward Line 1: Huberdeau & Barkov: Don’t shoot at the goalie.  Jagr: Pick up your performance

Forward Line 2: Bjugstad & Smith: Keep going   Jokinen: Make some noise you’ve been quiet

Forward Line 3: Hudler: Pick up your performance big time buddy.  McKegg: Make some noise show you’re an NHL caliber forward  Purcell: Same as Jokinen

Forward Line 4: Keep roughing up the other team.

Defensive Pair 1: Kulikov: Keep getting points     Ekblad: Keep moving toward the net.

Defensive Pair 2: Campbell: Pick up your performance  Petrovic: Keep roughing up the other team

Defensive Pair 3: Matheson: Keep it up     Gudbranson: Rough up the other team

Shaw: Capitalize on your second chance in the NHL     Kindl: Don’t get burned

Luongo: Play like you did in game 2

Montoya: Play like you did all season

McKegg and McKenzie have swapped lines.

Here are the big keys:

  1. Stay out of the box
  2. Don’t draw penalties (We suck on the PK)
  3. Don’t let Tavares get a point
  4. Play a better defensive game
  5. Don’t give the other team a reason to challenge a goal