SCP Round 1 Game 3 Recap: April 17, 2016 @Islanders

Florida  3              New York Islanders  4                 Overtime

Sorry this came in so late I had to work myself up to write this recap. I was so upset. Jagr and Hudler struggled last night. I’m not going to say worse so I don’t have to apologize if they have a monster of a game coming up. The 4th line barely saw ice time at all. The only ones doing anything were Smith who again had a monster game, Barkov, Huberdeau, Bjugstad who also had a monster game and Matheson. The panthers scored early thanks to Smith. Barkov had an early one waived off due to a quick whistle. The refs completely sucked. They took away 2 goals from Barkov and Ekblad, called a clipping on Kulikov which wasn’t clipping and more stupid stuff. Barkov got one back from Smith and Huberdeau. Pulock got a ripper from the point on a 5 on 3 and scored. Bjugstad got one from Smith and Kulikov. Prince got one and Nielsen tied it up. Hickey got the game winner in OT. Lou should’ve saved Pulock’s goal. Huberdeau had a ton of chances in OT. You can’t blow a 2-0 lead. Plus they didn’t shut down Tavares. How many times do I have to say this. SHUT DOWN TAVARES! He had 2 frieking assists. He should’ve had 0. He had 5 SOG. He should’ve had 2. Please for heaven’s sake shut down Tavares. You’re not going to win if you don’t shut him down. Scratch Hudler next game. Bring in Kindl for one of the struggling D-men. Trocheck is on the horizon of coming back. When he comes back we’ll have a great team. Since Bjugstad is hot he’ll probably pick up Hudler and Purcell. A center is the leader of the line. The only stat keeping me up all day was that last year the Islanders won games 1 and 3 and lost in 7 to the Capitals. Let’s hope history repeats itself. My new prediction: Cats win games 4 and 5, Isles win 6 and the Cats will move on in game 7. Please Florida win the next game or we’re screwed.