My NHL Playoff Bracket

Round 1


1 Dallas  over WC2 Minnesota      in six games- Dallas has way more talent than Minnesota. The Wild were lucky to get in the playoffs with a lousy 87 points. But the Wild are going to put up a fight but it’s not going to be enough.

3 Chicago over 2 St Louis           in seven games- It’s going to be a emotional tough battle but I think the Hawks will pull it off again.

1 Anaheim over WC1 Nashville     in five games- Anaheim is hot and should win.

3 San Jose over 2 Los Angeles      in seven games- I don’t want the alternation between Chicago and LA to continue and I think San Jose has the talent to make it.


1 Washington over WC2 Philadelphia  in four games- The Capitals will sweep Philly but lose a key player to that dirty rotten Gudas in Game 4. Washington is a good team.

2 Pittsburgh over 3 NY Rangers  in six games- The red hot Penguins will play well but the Rangers will put up a fight but I think Pittsburgh will come up on top.

1 Florida over WC1 NY Islanders in five games- The Cats will beat the Islanders. Roberto will do well and the Cats will do well. I don’t think Trocheck will comeback for Round 1 but he’ll be back for round 2.

2 Tampa Bay over 3 Detroit  in seven games- Detroit will put up a fight but the injury riddled Tampa will hold them off.

Round 2


1 Dallas over 3 Chicago- Dallas is too good for Chicago so its going to be Dallas.

1 Anaheim over 3 San Jose- Anaheim will top San Jose


1 Washington over 2 Pittsburgh- The red hot pens will meet their match in the Capitals

1 Florida over 2 Tampa Bay- The battle of Florida will escalate to a whole new level. The Lightning will be too injury riddled as the Cats will cruise to an easy victory.

Round 3

Anaheim over Dallas- The Ducks will make the final. Dallas will fall and the Ducks will make it.

Florida over Washington- The Cats and Caps will engage in a tough series. Ovechkin will be shut down by Barkov and the Panthers will win in a tough 7 game series.


Florida over Anaheim- In the finals the Panthers will defy the odds and win the cup. Pirri will score a goal in his own net because he was with us for so long. The Panthers will bring home the “Silver Mug”.

What are your thoughts. Please comment.