Ignorance or Incompetence

Okay, I’ve written two harsh articles in the past, one just last week but I have never wrote one as harsh as this one. The longest losing streak in franchise history was back in 1998 when the Panthers lost 13 games in a row. These Panthers are almost halfway there and will likely beat that unfortunate record. Why? No it’s not the Trocheck injury. It is the ignorance or incompetence of the coaching staff, the players, management and everyone in the organization. Yes that goes up to the top as well. Bob Boughner is both ignorant and incompetent. He calls out his top players when they are the ones saving his job. Today Jonathan Huberdeau complained about the Panthers having made the playoffs only once in his tenure. Huberdeau, the team’s points leader has been fantastic and will probably want out soon. Boughner is beginning to push these players away. If Boughner is too ignorant to admit that the team has been playing like complete crap then what do you think he does other than draw names out of a hat all day long. This isn’t on Boughner though. He never should’ve been hired in the first place. This is on Panthers ownership, upper management and Dale Tallon for hiring this incompetent guy in the first place. And now they are too ignorant to fire them. Instead of calming the fears of all the fans, Panthers Co-Chairman Doug Cifu spends his twitter days talking about the stock market which to be fair is his business and Cifu is a teriffic man but he won’t address the complaints head on. The harshest critics are blocked and Cifu just says it’s because of profanity. Big deal. Everyone swears. Especially when their favorite team is on a six game losing streak and we’ll likely make it 7 after the next 20 minutes are up. Yes I get ownership being hesitant to fire