Panthers Captain Under Fire

After yesterday’s 5-1 loss to the Bruins, Captain Derek Mackenzie had something to say. “Some of our top guys said they were a little tired. With everything they’ve done and the minutes they’ve played, it’s possible, but on days like today, we gotta find ways to do it.” Mackenzie said. The captain has already been under fire this year by fans as many think that other more skilled players such as Vincent Trocheck are deserving of the captiancy and other players should be in the lineup instead of him. However this isn’t a good remark by the captain. He has 14 points in 72 games this year. His teammates that he is criticizing all have over 40 points. I get that Mack is trying to inspire confidence but it is a complete failure. I will have a post coming out soon that will address the overuse of our top players and other things. Mack