Welcome Lightning Fans!

Your man Alex Mesa has been called upon by the Puck Under The Sun to come back as the site’s Tampa Bay Lightning Writer. I just recently left the site to focus on my own site kingmesasports.com. But I have come back to really just spread the love of the game of hockey and to also renew my fandom as a hockey fan as in my time away I found myself not writing as much about hockey as I had in previous time. This is also perfect timing as the regular season is soon coming to a close and your Tampa Bay Lightning are the #1 team in the Eastern Conference and are trying to bring the Stanley Cup back to the amazing city and fans of Tampa.

As the Bolts writer I will be covering all things from trades, latest news, injuries, and all things Lightning. Hopefully this brings a smile to some of your faces that the site is covering both Lightning and Panthers. This is a pretty short introduction but most of you know me and what I will bring to the site so all I have to say is…


Alex Mesa

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